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Breast Lift

Breast lift, at Dr. Baroudi’s acclaimed plastic surgery center, beautifully restores the shape of the breasts to a more vibrant, enthusiastic state. Dr. Baroudi's masterful ability to erase years off the body by lifting and tightening breast tissue creates a smoother and more supple look.

Dr. Baroudi’s patients include women who desire fresher curves because of previous pregnancy, genetics or simple aging. Breast lift often gives the plastic surgeon more control than a simple breast implant to sculpt your breast into the desired shape, although an implant may be applied to accentuate the results. Dr. Baroudi’s years of experience give him an almost instinctual sense of body sculpting that infuses patients with beautiful, natural looking plastic surgery.

Dr. Baroudi’s careful method of breast lift takes two or more hours and is completed under general anesthesia. Dr. Baroudi begins by gently removing excess skin from around the areola and the bottom of the breast. After this is done he can then draw the skin envelope closed thus creating a more vivacious shape and a spritely profile! Because Dr. Baroudi treats each patient with individual attention, he will determine appropriate action for shaping your unique figure to create the most proportionate look and natural feel. Once the procedure is complete a compress dressing is applied for protective support and for rapid recovery.

Dr. Baroudi is a board-certified plastic surgeon with prodigal abilities to help you fine tune your body into the form you desire. Breast lift is a wonderful procedure that elicits life-changing results in a manner that best suits your needs. Whether subtle improvement or a more dramatic expression is desired, Dr. Baroudi’s advanced technique will deliver the exciting look you’re after!

Contact our practice today to learn more about breast lift and to schedule a private consultation with Dr. Baroudi to define your wishes. Restored confidence and youthful, feminine beauty are just a mouse-click away!